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"Kind to Me" embodies our unwavering dedication to kindness. It represents that every step of our journey is rooted in kindness. Guided by this principle, we aim to consistently do what's right. Our products reflect kindness towards the environment, your skin, and society.
With a combined experience of over a decade in the skincare industry, my husband and I continue a family legacy of more than half a century. Along the way, we collaborated with major skincare brands, witnessing firsthand the harm this industry caused to the environment and people. Packaging often involved single-use plastics that harmed our oceans and landfills. Ingredient choices driven by economics sometimes led to skin issues, impacting those who relied on these products.
The pivotal moment came when I became a mother in 2018. Struggling to find trustworthy products for my daughter Elle, I began developing our Kind To Me range. Our focus was clear: kindness in every aspect.
This commitment led us to make decisions that sometimes meant sacrificing profits for higher quality products with ethical and sustainable packaging. Our determination persisted, even when manufacturers questioned our investment in top-notch natural and organic ingredients. We resisted cheaper alternatives, opting to produce all our packaging in Australia to support local businesses and use post-consumer recycled plastic. This choice transformed landfill waste into our packaging materials, preventing ocean pollution.
A quote by Mother Teresa profoundly resonates with us: "Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” As a growing Australian startup, our path is uncertain. Yet, our commitment remains firm: infusing everything we do with abundant love and kindness. 
OUR VISION: To establish "Kind to Me" as the world's most trusted family personal care company, crafting safe and high-quality products sustainably and ethically, while embodying the values of kindness and love. 
OUR MISSION: To redefine personal care with kindness as our foundation, enriching lives through products that mirror our unwavering dedication to people and the planet.
Founder of Kind to me.
"What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?"
Jean-Jacques Rousseau