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Our 500ml plastic bottles are crafted from rHDPE recycled high-density polyethylene (100% PCR).
At Kind to Me, we take pride in offering our customers a range of premium, eco-conscious containers made from POST-CONSUMER RECYCLED plastic (PCR). These containers represent our commitment to sustainability, aligning with the growing consumer demand for environmentally responsible choices. By utilizing post-consumer recycled materials, we contribute to a "circular" economy that aims to reduce the consumption of raw materials and minimize waste production.
These post-consumer recycled materials can be used to create packaging composed of 100% PCR MATERIAL, or they can be blended with virgin plastics at varying percentages, depending on the desired outcome.
Thermoplastics Every plastic material employed in our extensive packaging selection is sourced from thermoplastics, ensuring that they are fully recyclable.
Creating a Positive Impact Together with our packaging supplier, we continuously strive to lessen our carbon footprint and uphold our social and environmental responsibilities. Here are some of the ways we contribute:
  • Our warehouse, office, and showroom are powered by clean, solar energy.
  • We have established a dedicated cardboard recycling program for all board and paper waste generated in our office and warehouse.
  • All PE polyethylene plastic pallet wrap used in the shipping process is recycled through Astron Sustainability.
  • For other internal office and warehouse waste, we follow recycling practices through our Council collection service.
  • We leverage online document tools to minimize the need for printing, and when necessary, we utilize 100% recycled paper.
  • Our manufacturing facilities are located in Kurnell, Sydney, in close proximity to stunning beaches and coastline. To support environmental causes, including the Australian Marine Conservation Society, we make monthly donations.
By partnering with suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability, we aim to create a positive impact on our environment and society while delivering quality products to our customers.
Our glass perfume bottles and vials: 

In Australia, there are companies specialising in glass packaging, including glass bottles. However, the production of glass perfume bottles within Australia is relatively limited when compared to countries with established glass manufacturing industries, such as France or Italy.


We couldn't find an Australian company producing glass perfume bottles because Australia's glass manufacturing industry primarily focuses on larger-scale products like glass containers for food and beverages. Perfume bottles require intricate designs, specialised molds, and smaller production runs, which are more commonly associated with countries like France, renowned for its expertise in crafting high-quality glassware. Additionally, France offers a rich heritage of glassmaking traditions and access to top-notch artisans.


Our commitment to quality and sustainability is epitomised by our choice of glass bottles from France, renowned for producing the world's highest-quality glass vessels. These exquisite glass bottles not only elevate the aesthetic appeal of our perfumes but also align perfectly with our eco-conscious values.


French glass craftsmanship is celebrated globally for its precision and elegance. By housing our fragrances in these exceptional bottles, we ensure that every customer experiences the luxury and sophistication our brand represents.


Furthermore, glass from France is an inherently sustainable choice. It's 100% recyclable, contributing to a circular economy by reducing waste and minimising the need for virgin materials. Unlike plastic, glass doesn't degrade over time, preserving the fragrance's quality without any risk of chemical leaching.

Our glass bottles not only enhance the longevity of our perfumes but also embody our dedication to sustainability, making them the perfect choice for conscious consumers who appreciate both quality and eco-friendliness.