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Crafting the Story Behind Kind To Me: The Making of Our Products

Crafting the Story Behind Kind To Me: The Making of Our Products

Indulging in the world of perfumes has been a personal passion of mine, having explored countless exquisite fragrances over the years. As a mother to my first daughter, Elle, our journey together led us on numerous outings and occasions. Amidst the joy, I often found myself wishing for a gentle fragrance to refresh her between nappy changes, as nappy odours would linger on her clothes. However, the concern over potentially harmful chemicals held me back from using regular fragrances on such a young baby.

As time marched on, Elle grew a bit older, and around her first year, I felt the moment was right to explore baby fragrances. But to my surprise, I struggled to find Australian-made options, especially those crafted from natural ingredients. Thus, I resorted to purchasing fragrances from prominent brands like Bvlgari, Jacadi, and Tous Baby. While they were pleasant, they weren't aligned with my preference for natural products. Moreover, I hadn't encountered a scent that perfectly resonated with me—some were too heavy, others too fruity or floral. This led me to embark on a creative journey to blend these fragrances, finding a delicate harmony of floral, fruity, and musky notes. The journey was a series of trials and errors, a true experiment in the art of scent creation.

With the arrival of my second daughter, Harper, and my own burgeoning business aspirations, a new chapter began. From Elle to Harper, I've persistently sought the finest natural products, particularly gentle shampoos and moisturisers, as both of them dealt with mild eczema in sensitive areas. This prompted me to dive wholeheartedly into crafting the very best in natural personal care and fragrances for mothers and babies. The journey spanned three years—meticulous testing, collaboration with esteemed Australian perfumers and chemists, countless formulations, revisions, and rigorous product trials.

Pouring my heart and soul into creating these products, both for my own family and for you, has been an endeavor fueled by passion and love. I genuinely hope that these offerings will bring a positive change to your life, just as they have to mine.